Why A Metalsmith? … 

This strange clay, capable of spanning great rivers and sewing the finest silk… This clay that underpins our civilisation, promotes and undermines our nobility. Makes possible our Cyber-transcendence and wreaks destruction on our natural world. This crucible of greed and benefactor of science !?

What is it ?
Beautiful and noble ! Silver and Gold ! So hard wrest and punishingly earned! Cunningly transformative of moral and ethic! Queen and King of metals, soft and pure, radiant and worshipped…

And Copper !  Princess royal ! Alloyed to art. Electric spirit of communication !
Generator of energy !

Then Iron !
This Prince of Metals. Fierce and vastly powerful, the means “by which all modern civilisation stands. This long age of iron….this as yet unfinished business… and the Blacksmith ? That Alchemist ! ?

By whose HAMMER AND HAND all arts do stand?
Who makes the tools for all Arts to flourish and all Wars to propagate.
Tool-maker! Signal to the human cause.
So this all… the legacy that brings Me to Art?
Where I gently attempt to describe myself to me,
tongue in cheek, rather than clenched of jaw?
Where I make sense of the senseless and selfless the self?
Where meaning is wrought from elemental clay to make feet for
The flood.

A Buddhist view, the plight of the Thylacine, the art of the ancients, the human condition, conceptual identity, Facebook, Google, connectivity, the transience of everything and Tea! These are what inform my work.

I am beholden to Metal, it is my music and my sustenance. I describe the world with it and in return it has offered me an identity. I am a Metal-smith for this short and incandescent life and then I will leave it and this wrought self, happily transforming to subtler muse.

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