Daisy May Bradford

Daisy Bradford relentlessly pursues the push of design innovation through her jewellery whilst respecting the rawness of traditional craftsmanship. Alternating between handmade pieces from raw materials and 3D printing technology, the wide array of techniques she uses allows for one of a kind, inimitable designs.

The root of her work as a jeweller sprouted from a “make a ring in a day” workshop at Square Peg Studio in Sydney. From there, she has travelled and lived in numerous countries including Germany, Vietnam, and Scotland. During her travels she has worked in various studios and workshops, allowing her to absorb a wide array of global jeweller techniques.

Daisy now resides in Byron Bay where, being a part of Hammer and Hand jewellery collective, she is able to continue creating as well as learning from the collectives other skilled members. Her pieces can be found in our Bangalow store, as well as her online web-store.

Website: sadeblake.com
Instagram: sadeblakeshop