Julian de Saxe

I enjoy making unique jewellery and objects that are affordable and precious. I enjoy repairing and restoring jewellery and other metal objects to preserve their meaning. I also remodel jewellery to forge a bright new life from devoted memories.

I studied silversmithing with Walraven van Heeckeren in the 1990’s. Wal’s teaching emphasised craftsmanship and individual creativity. Since starting I have been continuously developing my craft to broaden my ability and my work’s appeal.

I was briefly part of a collective in Sydney called Smith, Smith & Smith. We had a regular stall at Paddington Markets. I moved to the Northern Rivers In 2007 and joined another collective of passionate craftspeople. Hammer & Hand was founded by artist blacksmith, Bruce Pringle. Our common theme is metalwork and we all share enthusiasm for jewellery and sculpture.

Since joining the collective my practice has extended to include wrought steel home hardware. With blacksmithing I am able to leave the drive for perfection and grace behind and try to let each object speak its own story. No two hooks, handles or shelf brackets are identical and they all exhibit the scars of flame and hammer.

Jewellery is generally made in small spaces using an incredible variety of materials, tools and techniques that challenge the mind, skills and resources of the craftsman. You’ll see what I mean when you visit me and see my work at Hammer & Hand workshop gallery in Bangalow or by appointment at my home studio.

Instagram: de.saxe.metalsmith
Facebook: de.saxe.metalsmith
Website: de.saxe.com.au