Thomas Frank

Nature is balm for the soul. My artist work is about translating aspects of nature into my Jewellery and objects as I am fascinated by its surfaces, shapes and structures presented in our natural surroundings. I love the robust geometrical and symmetrical aspects displaying perfection on one hand and simplicity one the other hand. Just as we cannot communicate verbally without words and syntax, we can’t communicate visually without shapes and symbols. This influences my artisan produce to be honest and bold, yet organic coded and structured, each piece concealing a message.

I am guided by artwork of postmodernism and the Arts and Crafts movement of the last years of the 19th century as an abundant source of inspiration but also tapping into ancient tribal ornaments and textures. As a jeweller I reject the machine-led factory system and instead focus on hand-crafting every piece. I am centring my work around metal forming and texturing of precious metals.

I am fascinated by the fact that jewellery is eternal and that I create something that will never decompose. I am driven by the desire to leave a legacy and love when my customers look for self-expression, for authenticity and uniqueness, for the art of perfection – and after all making a personal statement through wearable art. I want my customers to adore their jewellery forever – till the end of time.

I am passionate about promoting the artisanry of metal smithing and I am teaching this craft in our local community to the curious and live long learners though Thomas Frank Jewellery Workshops.

Visit me and see my work at Hammer & Hand Workshop and Gallery in Bangalow. You can contact me on 0401 434 949.

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